Nokia Lumia 521 First Impressions and Photos

The US-based variant of the world’s most popular Windows Phone handset redefines the low-end of the market

This month, the Lumia 520 raced past the high-end Lumia 920 to become the world’s most popular Windows Phone 8 handset. Here in the United States, T-Mobile customers—or really anyone interested in saving a lot of money—can purchase a variant of this device called the Lumia 521 that costs just $125 without a contract. These devices represent an unparalleled bargain, and not just for Windows Phones, but for smart phones generally.

Hands-on with Windows 8.1: The Windows 7 Upgrade

Step from the past into the future

While much of my work with Windows 8.1 has involved updating Windows 8/RT-based PCs and devices to the new system, you can also perform an upgrade of sorts from Windows 7. In the Windows 8.1 Preview, at least, these options are limited, however, to a clean install or a partial migration.

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